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Privacy & Cookie Information


We do not collect any personal information through this site. If you email us on your own, then we will use your name and email address only to reply to you and provide you with our complete privacy policy which includes GDPR-required disclosure.  Please contact us if you wish to know what information we have. We will contact you if we change this privacy policy.  You might arrive at this site with cookies but we do not respond to them and do not receive any information from them about you or anything else.

Terms of Use


Once you use this site, you and we have entered into a legally binding agreement as to your use of this site.  We grant you the right to enter and explore this site and, where expressly permitted, to download certain articles or other documents.  You are prohibited from downloading any images on this site or copying any other information.  We do not provide legal advice on this site.  You agree and acknowledge that we do not make any representations and warranties as to this site or the consequences of your use of information from this site.  You agree with and accept our disclaimer of all warranties and all liabilities.  You agree that the laws of Italy govern this agreement and you accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the court in Milan, Italy.

Image sources


You are not permitted to download the images on this site. We obtain most of the images from and  Email us and we will give you the specifics of the authors.  

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