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Below are examples of our engagements 


For 8 years for international art fair, drafted and negotiated​

  • Venue lease agreement

  • Sponsorship agreements and awards

  • Rules & regulations ("rulings") for art fairs

  • all agreements for special exhibition


Museums and other institutions face unique challenges of integrating the many components of their missions and finding the financial, community and logistical support for such efforts.  VR now presents both an opportunity and challenge that we can address.


We draft agreements for such institutions to:  obtain and de-accession works | engage in conservation, preservation & research | gain financial support from sponsors, donors and governments | help govern the institution | mount exhibitions | capitalize on digital expansion while protecting their assets | selectively commercialize assets | reach their communities | negotiate effective VR and other online experiences


  • Represented photographer in multinational enforcement of IP rights under copyright law

  • Represented artist in gallery representation and in movie rights assignment

  • Drafted and negotiated license of photographer's work for sale through online art platform

  • Advised on iner


Art events such as artfairs or unique cultural events often bring together art and the business of art--whether to enable galleries to sell their artists' works or cultural events that require substantial support.  


We draft agreements for: artists & galleries | venue lease | fair rulings | sponsorships | prizes | vendors  


VR/AR/MXR are just a few examples of creative worlds disrupting the art world, presenting new wrinkles in longstanding legal principles. 

We draft agreements to enable creators and all other parts of the art world to: create new works and tools | protect them from misuse by others and infringement challenges | commercialize the works through distribution | obtain IP rights for new, creative uses 


Digital platforms such as digital stockhouses, royalty-free collections and online art galleries reshape the business of art. 

We draft agreements to enable digital platforms to:  build a stable and scalable platform | obtain IP rights suitable for their online and revenue strategies | work with strategic partners such as museums, collectors and galleries | utilize the latest e-commerce apps | comply with privacy & security laws | commercialize works in a manner beneficial also to the creators 


Large corporations play a large and influential role in the art world--as sponsors, donors, collectors and exhibitors.   

We draft agreements to enable corporations to: acquire artworks and appropriate IP rights | serve effectively as sponsors or donors | protect their interests in such involvement | obtain IP rights to exhibit artworks | engage curators and advisors | capitalize on digital platforms to enhance the value of their collections and participation in the art world | utilize their involvement as a means for enhancing social good


It should come as no surprise that tech companies and startups face IP challenges similar to those in the art world, including the business of the art world.   

We draft agreements to enable tech companies/startups to:  acquire necessary and appropriate IP rights | enter into development deals with others | comply with privacy & security laws | build or enter into digital distribution systems 

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